Highly engaged social media accounts create powerful social signals, increasing brand awareness, trust and authority.
Social Media Marketing in CT

Social Media Marketing Connecticut

Social Media policies and algorithms are constantly changing on every platform. Do you have the time and manpower to keep up?

Social Media Marketing Advantages

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

A social media marketing agency can help determine which social networks will benefit your business the most, and build a marketing plan to reach the right audience. Research has proven few sales are made directly through social media, however it is the most effective tool in building brand loyalty and trust for your business. Social media accounts that delivery high quality, shareable content are more likely to be promoted by engaged users and shared across multiple digital channels. As a result, your business will establish social proof, increasing the likelihood of landing a new customer. In addition, powerful social signals are pushed out to search engines, giving your website an SEO boost. Overall, social media is an important element of an integrated digital marketing plan.

Social Media Management

Managing social media accounts can take up a considerable amount of your time. We offer social media management plans that perform the heavy lifting for you, in turn, freeing up your time and avoiding the need for an extra employee.

Social Media Management
Social Media Profile Setup

Social Media Profile Setup

Whether you are looking for a brand new profile, or a refresh to an existing one, we will set it up for you. We will include all relevant information for your business, including incorporating your logo.

Social Media Graphics

One of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd is with an eye-catching graphic. All social media platforms have different size requirements, we take this into consideration when creating graphics.

Social Media Graphics
Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Reputation Management and Monitoring

We offer social media management plans that will monitor all of your accounts. We will be active in responding to comments and messages. We also watch for any mentions of your business name online and take appropriate steps to respond as necessary in a timely manner.

Free Social Media Audit

The Page One Click social media audit will scan one of your profiles to determine what’s working and where improvements are needed. A prioritized report is then delivered to you detailing areas of opportunity. 860-325-3077

Social Media Audit

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