Marketing has come a long way. While marketing through online platforms is now essential, it wasn’t always that way. Before digital marketing became mainstream, the only way to promote your brand was through magazines, newspapers and ads on billboards. However, those traditional marketing methods have fallen by the wayside. In order to stay relevant and successful in the digital age, businesses need to adapt a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

Statistic: Global digital population as of April 2018 (in millions) | Statista

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In the past 18 years, the number of internet users has grown from 738 million to over 4 billion. People now get all of their information online, everything from current news events to finding local businesses. If you don’t keep up in this digital era, you’re not taking full advantage of the available channels to drive long-term, highly engaged customers to your business. The benefits of digital marketing are truly endless.

Here are 20 of the top benefits of partnering with a digital marketing agency to kick start your company’s marketing initiatives:

seo audit

1. Digital marketing starts with an in-depth audit of your digital assets and websites

There are very few businesses these days that don’t have some form of online presence. However, simply because your business exists online doesn’t mean that you are implementing a digital marketing strategy. When you work with an agency, they will start by learning everything they can about your business in order to design an effective digital marketing strategy. Part of that strategy should involve an in-depth SEO audit of your digital assets and websites. This is crucial because an audit allows you to not only take inventory of your digital assets, but also decide whether they are useful, valuable and effective. If your digital assets are not fully optimized and utilized properly, you could be limiting the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

baseline metrics

2. Digital marketing establishes baseline metrics

As a business with an online presence, you likely post content to your blog or social media pages or send it to your subscribers via email. These can all be incredibly effective strategies when done correctly…but how do you know if they’re working? How can you know if your email marketing campaign is generating more leads? Or if your social media marketing campaign is bringing your brand more exposure? One of the advantages of digital marketing agencies is that they can help you establish baseline metrics to quantitatively measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

competitor analysis

3. Competitive research = roadmap to success

When you run a business, there are several factors that enable you to be successful. You need to provide needed services or products, have excellent customer service, and promote yourself—but you also need to know what your competitors are doing. If you don’t know how well your competitors are performing, then you might think you’re doing better (or worse!) than you really are.

competitive research

A gap analysis reveals new keywords that your competitors are using and you’re not.

One of the most helpful services an agency provides is a competitor analysis. This analysis reveals your competitors strengths and weaknesses—providing a roadmap to position your business well above others in your industry.

competitor analysis

4. Digital marketing tracks ROI—producing measurable results

Many digital marketing advantages can be measured quantitatively so that you can see the results of your campaigns almost immediately. Regardless of the goals your business has set, digital marketing campaigns, when executed properly, are guaranteed to accomplish a few things including increased ROI and optimized conversion rates. Digital marketing specialists are able to track these benefits in measurable results to determine whether your campaign is successful.

track roi

Keeping a close eye on metrics and optimizing for conversions will increase your visibility in search engines.

outsource vs in-house

5. Outsourcing digital marketing vs. building an in-house team

Many small business owners, while experts in their industries, are inexperienced when it comes to digital marketing. However, they tend to be wary of agencies because they see them as an expensive investment. Often times, the business owner will try to manage all of the digital campaigns, become overwhelmed, and hire an extra staff member or team to take over. While hiring an in-house team may seem like the most logical choice, it can quickly become expensive after factoring in the additional costs, such as salaries, benefits and equipment. In contrast, when you outsource your needs to an agency, 100% of your spend goes towards marketing. Moreover, digital marketing professionals are highly skilled, providing unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

latest marketing strategies

6. Digital marketing keeps your company up-to-date on latest strategies

Living in the digital era, things are constantly changing. While there are many digital marketing advantages, this is easily one of the cons. It can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating to constantly be researching the most popular marketing strategies. That can feel like a full-time job in itself and, if you’re a business owner, there just isn’t enough time in the day. One of the most helpful aspects of working with a digital marketing agency is that they put in the time and work to keep your company up-to-date on the latest marketing strategies. You won’t have to worry about your business falling behind in the digital realm whatsoever.

digital marketing tools

7. Digital marketing provides access to premium tools and services

As digital marketing has grown in importance, many entrepreneurs have jumped at the chance to profit from this new online industry by creating premium tools and services for digital marketing management.

digital marketing tools

Source: Ahrefs Site Explorer – Tools like Ahrefs provide valuable insight and allow you to make business decisions based on data.

These tools, such as Moz, Ahrefs, SEMrush and HootSuite, can completely revolutionize the way your campaigns are run. The only downfall is the cost; they can be far too expensive for business owners to purchase on their own—but there is a way for your business to use these tools and services. Digital marketing agencies can provide their clients with access to these premium tools and services because they have a larger budget for marketing-related expenses.

real-time trends

Online trends are fascinating because they can go as quickly as they come. A meme or online event that became popular yesterday could be old news by today—that’s why it’s so important to know which trends are new and significant. However, unless you live your life on the internet 24/7, these trends can be hard to catch.

Google Trends

Source: Google Trends – Google Trends is a great free research tool to explore what the world is searching.

One of the benefits of digital marketing agencies is that they do live online and can respond to trends in real-time. By responding to trends in real-time, your business can be propelled into popular conversations and gain exposure.

brand awareness

9. Digital marketing brings brand awareness and consistency across channels

By promoting your business on online platforms, such as social media channels and blogs, your business has the opportunity to gain brand awareness. However, a problem that many businesses face is the inability to bring all of their marketing campaigns together. They may promote their brand in one style on Instagram, use another style and different colors on Facebook and still sound completely different on their company blog. In order for digital marketing campaigns to be successful, it’s important that there is consistency across all channels. However, for those who are less experienced, it can be hard to even know where to start; that’s how a digital marketing agency can save the day.

monitor reputation

10. Digital marketing monitors your company’s online reputation

There is much more that goes into digital marketing besides content creation; advantages are plenty, but so are the responsibilities. Did you know that 97% of consumers read online reviews before buying? If you truly want your business to benefit from digital marketing, you need to have a comprehensive strategy that includes managing all of your pages, keeping track of online reviews, replying to comments on your social media profiles and much more. Depending on the size of your business, this can take hours out of your day; however, it’s an agency’s job to monitor your company’s online reputation. By handing your online marketing over to them, you can rest assured that your campaigns will run smoothly.

reputation monitoring

Data Source: BrightLocal – Local Consumer Review Survey

relevant in your industry

11. Digital marketing keeps your company relevant in your industry

Without a strong digital marketing strategy, not only will your company fail to see the benefits, but it will also lose traction within your industry. Nearly everyone is online today. Billions of people around the world use the internet daily and news outlets and magazines have responded to this by transitioning to online platforms, as well. It’s no longer advantageous to advertise your company the “old-fashioned way.” The only way to stay recognized, successful and relevant is by using a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

customer experience

12. Digital marketing improves the customer experience / relationship

When your company has an engaged online presence, made possible through a strong digital marketing strategy, you can improve client retention. Customers want to work with businesses who are passionate, driven and prioritize customer service—and when it comes to customer service, they want a helpful response now. The rise of the digital era has caused a decline in patience; no longer will customers wait on hold for hours to speak to a customer service representative or wait days for an email reply. Instead, customers want to be able to have their questions and concerns answered immediately, which has been made possible through social media platforms. A digital marketing strategy which focuses on social media can increase your customer engagement, which can make customers feel more appreciated and thus convert them to loyal customers.

user experience

13. Digital marketing optimizes user experience

Did you know that 53% of people searching for a local business online, usually visit the business within 48 hours? If your business isn’t online—or is hard to find due to an ineffective digital presence—you could be losing out of potential clients and sales.

local searchers visit business within 48 hours

Source: ReviewTrackers – 2017 Local Search Report

However, if you employ the services of a digital marketing agency, they can help you improve your online strategy with user experience focused web design that is optimized to convert new website visitors to loyal recurring customers. When you have an expertly-crafted website and social media pages, a comprehensive blog and an interactive online presence, you can increase both CTRs and conversions because you will be both professional and engaged with your audience.

share ideas

14. Digital marketing shares fresh ideas

Digital marketing burnout is something that happens to many business owners who try to manage their company’s online presence by themselves. Especially if you don’t have extensive experience creating content, you can run out of ideas fast—and that can be detrimental. When it comes to digital marketing, it’s crucial that you provide consistent content that’s unique, creative and relevant to your audience. If you don’t produce enough content like this, you will end up losing social media followers, email subscribers and blog readers. A significant advantage of an agency is that they never run out of fresh ideas. Producing creative content is their job, meaning they will be able to provide your business with all of the interesting content you need.

share ideas

15. Digital marketing is a scalable service

One of the many advantages of working with an agency is they employ multidisciplinary experts with the skills to manage the many facets of digital marketing. While the average person may be able to brainstorm creative content and download basic digital marketing management software, agencies take it to the next level. The point of digital marketing is to grow your business and agencies can help you do that by providing scalable services.

scalable services

16. Digital marketing supplies relevant shareable content

Before you can implement any type of digital marketing strategy, you need to know your audience. Does your target audience spend more time on Facebook or Instagram? Do they read blogs? Are they more inclined to read 280 characters or watch a long video? Digital marketing agencies can obtain the answers to all of these questions and use this information to supply you with relevant shareable content. The more shareable content you produce, the more of your customers share it and the wider your company’s reach can extend.

research on buzzsumo for content ideas

BuzzSumo is great for researching topics and confirming that your content ideas are relevant and likely to be shared.

manage time

17. Digital marketing helps you manage your time

One of the most common complaints about digital marketing that we hear from business owners is that it’s too time-consuming. They’re not wrong. The time it takes to not only develop a working digital marketing strategy, but implement and keep up with it can be more hours than a business owner can spare. Some benefits of digital marketing agencies is that they are able to dedicate the time to marketing, while also helping you manage your own time. If you don’t have to worry about promoting your brand, you can focus all of your energy on running your business.

adjust for optimal results

18. Digital marketing enhances your current strategies for optimal results

Many clients who approach an agency for help only do so after they’ve made a solid attempt themselves. While they may put forth a commendable effort, their response is always the same: we aren’t getting results. The thing about digital marketing is that it’s a careful science. It’s not nearly as simple or straightforward as people think—if it was, there would be no need for digital marketing specialists. One of the most useful advantages of digital marketing agencies is their ability to rework and improve upon existing campaigns for optimal results.

technical marketing experts

19. Digital marketing offers technical skills and expertise

There are certain technical skills required to excel in digital marketing; you need to be familiar with SEO, social media platforms, content creation, data analysis, email marketing and so much more. It’s very rare to find an individual who runs a business in an entirely separate industry who is also an expert at digital marketing. Agencies, however, only hire those who have dedicated their careers to learning the technical skills needed to succeed in digital marketing. These skills combined with their expertise in the area can transform your business’ online presence.

mutual success

20. Digital marketing empowers mutual success

When businesses partner with an agency, both parties benefit. The advantages of digital marketing for businesses are extensive, from increased ROI to brand awareness and client retention. Not only does outsourcing digital marketing mean that businesses save time and money, but it also ensures that only experts are managing their online presence. For an agency, working with businesses also helps increase their own profits while allowing them to gain experience and notoriety in their own industry. There is no question that a partnership between digital marketing agencies and businesses is a recipe for mutual success.

The advantages of digital marketing are limitless and continue to evolve

Adopting a strong digital strategy is no longer a simple suggestion—it’s a requirement. Regardless of your industry, every business—if they want to grow—needs to market themselves online. It’s nearly impossible for businesses today to generate high-quality leads, increase brand awareness or stay relevant in their industry without the help of an agency to guide them through the process. The benefits of digital marketing can truly revolutionize your business; don’t miss out.

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